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Dream. State. Season III

A State of Hockey Production and presented by Adidas, Dream. State. Season III followed the defending state hockey champions, the Minnetonka Skippers. Produced, Directed and Edited by SSQTCH, in partnership with Public Works agency, SSQTCH captured the Skippers charge towards state from tryouts, to Hockey Day and into the playoffs. Watch as the Skippers sail through their season with hopes of making it back to the Xcel Energy Center to defend their title. 

Six 23 minute episodes were delivered within five weeks, with the final two episodes being filmed and edited week of delivery. Season III ratings were higher than previous years online and on air, continuing to grow the audience and the series. 





Season III won a Regional Emmy award for Sports Documentary. 

The Lodge on Lake Detroit

 The Lodge is a critically acclaimed, multi - award winning hotel/resort on the beautiful shores on Lake Detroit. A Best Western Premier hotel, The Lodge has a full spa, beach, fire pits, rain gardens and over 500 ft of lakeshore to name only a few of the amenities. A 12 second social commercial was included for online promotion. 

Elevate Hockey

SSQTCH was called to action to provide a Kickstarter video and a variety of motion content for the new hockey stick brand, Elevate. The XL27 stick is the first of its kind...a curved shaft, much like the curved blade. The curved shaft allows for more velocity, improved accuracy and a quicker release. SSQTCH was tasked to tell the story of the evolution of Elevate Hockey.

With a Kickstarter goal of $25,000, Elevate exceeded their goal, bringing in over $34,000. Produced by Public Works, Elevate has been crashing through the hockey world and continues revolutionizing players' game. 

Barton Performance Horses

What do you do when the world's greatest rope horse trainer gives you a call and asks for commercial work? You go. And that's what SSQTCH did. In the cowboy capital of the world, Bluff Dale, Texas, SSQTCH followed the legendary James Barton for a week as he trained the top rope horses in the world. SSQTCH produced a 30 second commercial and a three minute short film about the Barton Performance Horses story. 

Just Another day

The Cboys are a popular YouTube channel that produce content around motorsports and comedy. The Cboys reached out to SSQTCH to collaborate on a project. A Rube Goldberg concept was developed that highlighted each of the seven Cboys performing an action sport that led from one scene to the next. Racking up over 280,000 views, this is one of the Cboys favorite pieces.

Pre-production took one day. Filming followed, with over a 12 hour non-stop day of shooting. Focus and organization was key to execution on day of capture. In total, this production came together within two weeks, from pre to post production.  

Tuf Kaf

In March of 2018, SSQTCH traveled to the Cowboy capital of the world, Bluff Dale, Texas. In partnership with Tuf Kaf and James Barton of Barton Performance Horses, SSQTCH created a five part instructional series for the Tuf Kaf Training Dummy. This series has helped teach ropers proper technique.

Pre through post production took four weeks. Working closely with the client, SSQTCH manufactured a series that was equally instructional as it was captivating for the intended audience. Collectively over 95,000 views on Facebook and YouTube, Tuf Kaf made a presences in their niche of the rodeo world. 

Saint John's university

Saint John's University is a liberal arts university located in Collegeville, Minnesota. SSQTCH has partnered with Saint John's since early 2016. Working closely on a variety of projects, from athletics, academics, to scholarship and fundraising, SSQTCH has helped Saint John's become a leader in university video marketing. Saint John's has set the precedent for video in the world of college admissions, with multiple universities following in Saint John's marketing footsteps. 

SSQTCH and Saint John's have partnered on projects that take a week in total, to 5 month long capital campaign video series. Saint John's most recent captial campaign had a goal of raising $180 million and exceeded their goal by bringing in over $400 million in donations. Saint John's has continued to find success in partnership with SSQTCH.