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The Legend

Our legend didn't start in a media lab, studio, or behind cubicle walls. It started in crammed vehicles, mountain ranges, dry deserts, and frozen swamps. It started where most people didn't want to go. To this day, our team is still going where the others don't. Proudly based in Minnesota, we are carving out our niche in the world of documentary and branded content.

We've won an Emmy, been in a few film festivals, won a Crystal Pillar for our Maple Syrup documentary and have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over North America for our work. For us, the adventure never stops, we look forward to what's around the bend. 
-Ian, Conor and Matt

Noteworthy Appearances


Midwest Emmys 2019

Dream. State. Season III took home the Regional Emmy for Sports Documentary. In partnership with State of Hockey and Public Works, SSQTCH produced, directed and edited the award-winning Season III.


The Show 2019

Red Lake Helping Homeless - Produced by Public Works, capture and edit by SSQTCH: Bronze Tack award for Public Service Online Film, Video and Sound


Midwest Student Emmy's 2018

Maple Syrup: Solo Crystal Pillar Award Winner for Documentary

St. John's University annual Film Festival: 2017

Maple Syrup: Best in Show and Best Documentary

The Rock Collector: Best Narrative

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