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What we do

SSQTCH (Sasquatch) is an Emmy award-winning production company. From thumb-stopping social media videos to branded content and TV series, we bring your brand alive through the power of storytelling. We handle all aspects of the production process, from concept development and shooting to editing and post-production.


Clear and artistic writing produces captivating stories. We start by building a treatment to capture the tone and theme of the vision. A script and storyboard follow to paint the picture. We then create a production plan, organized by the minute, to execute the story to be captured. 


In production, we capture the collective vision. Find us in studios or the field, our team works in all conditions. We can green screen and we can run-and-gun, or anything in between.

Post production

Storytelling is our passion, and post production is where the story comes to life. We edit, animate, design sound, and color, all in house. We have partners to turn to for any finishing work that needs an extra touch from a dedicated specialist. 

Our Friends


what our clients say

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“SSQTCH is an extremely talented, hard-working group that is highly skilled at storytelling. We chose them to produce a high school hockey documentary called Dream. State., and we couldn’t be happier with that decision. They brought a perfect blend of passion and energy to the project and it showed in their work. We are already discussing a partnership with SSQTCH on another documentary and highly recommend them.” 

 Jamie Spencer

 EVP, Business Development - Minnesota Wild

“The SSQTCH team is the perfect combination of scrappy and high-level polished production chops. They brought great creativity and positive energy to our project. Can’t wait to work with them again. They’re my new (not so) secret weapon!”

Scott E. Moore

Executive Producer/Creative Director of Video, Everyday Health

30-year Broadcast TV and Agency Content Creator

“The expertise, inspiration, enthusiasm and professionalism that the team at SSQTCH brings to video projects is vividly apparent in the work they produce. They consistently capture the essence and energy of their subjects, and they’re really easy to work with at every step of a project.”


Dave DeLand

Executive Director - Saint John’s University Marketing & Communications


“I cannot overstate how great it is to have a production partner like SSQTCH on your side. Their passion, commitment and work quality is second-to-none. When SSQTCH came on to produce Dream. State. they took over a good show and helped make it great. From planning to shooting to editing, they are collaborative from the get-go and pour everything they have into making sure every project exceeds expectations. And every time I have worked with them, they have done just that.”

Derek Bitter
Partner / Creative Lead at Public Works
Creator / Executive Producer of Dream. State.

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