Believe in the adventure 

SSQTCH is an Emmy award-winning production company. From thumb stopping social media videos to TV series, we bring your brand alive through the power of film. 


What we do


Clear and artisitc writing produces captivating stories. We start by building a treatment to capture the tone and theme of the vision. A script and storyboard follow to paint the picture. We then create a production plan, organized by the minute, to execute the story to be captured. 


In production, we capture our collective vision we do it in studios or frozen tundras, wherverever our client's needs take us. We can green screen and we can run-and-gun, or anything in between.

Post production

Storytelling is our passion, and post production is where the story comes to life. We edit, animate, design sound, and color, all in house. We have partners to turn to for any finishing work that needs an extra touch from a dedicated speacialist. 

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